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How it works

Your influencer marketing campaign in three easy steps

Influencer identification

Campaign Management

Analytics & Reporting

The most powerful Influencer search
engine you've ever seen

Keyword-based search engine

Identify the best influencers based on historical data and past content. Just enter your keywords you would like to find influencers for, and our algorithm will spot the high-performers for you.

Filtering & segmentation

Our 20 filters allow you to target down to the finest nuance including e.g. country, city, gender, age or categories like professional athletes, actors or musicians

Data-rich influencer insights

Decide which influencers fit your brand based on relevant KPIs like topic engagement rate, topic distribution, audience breakdown or ratings

The multifunctional campaign manager

Coordinate campaigns

Quickly set up briefings, review content and monitor the campaign process in just one place. Create & start multi-channel campaigns in less than 20 minutes.

Influencer relations

Communicate directly with influencers part of your campaign through instant messaging and feedback loops.

Content planning

Set, plan and communicate draft and publishing dates for your campaign to match your social media content plan.

Reporting & Tracking

Quantitative analytics

Measure influencer campaigns based on hard facts like engagement rates, comments, likes, follower-growth, video view time, cost per engagement and multiple mention tracking.

Qualitative analytics

Get insights into qualitative data to interpret customer feedback and understand their tonality based on our sentiment analysis.

Data export

Export your individual campaign results with just one click and present it to your clients.

This makes us special

Individual influencer acquisition

We will start an individual and brand or topic related influencer acquisition for you to identify new talents.

Branded landing pages

Create branded landing pages for your own influencer acquisition.

Algorithm for automated influencer allocation

Find the best combination of a number of influencers and reach related to a given budget and topic.

Brand Ambassador program

Identify brand ambassadors that already engage with your brand.

Through Reachbird we get all results for our clients with just one click. Moreover, the offer of Reachbird.Sports is unique for us on the market.

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